13h Annual Elementary and Middle School Camp Has Record Participation

Late July means cross country camp in Centerville, OH for Elementary and Middle School children.   The 2015 edition of the camp was the largest ever with 150 campers participating and over 20 current members of the defending state championship team serving as coaches for the week.   For the past seven years, the camp has been supported by Up and Running, a running specialty store in Centerville located on the corner of Whipp Rd. and Rt. 48. The camp was designed to raise an awareness of the sport of cross country, teach basic training routines, and allow the athlete to enjoy the benefits of running through a positive and rewarding experience.

The Centerville Girls Cross Country Head Coach and Camp Director David Dobson wrote the curriculum for the week and is thrilled to see the camp serving a need in the Centerville community.  Dobson stated, “the kids are working hard and smiling for ninety minutes straight.” Campers were taught about running topics such as warming-up, running form, hill running, and pacing. “We have a growing interest in our community for kids interested in running.   Even athletes from other sports are getting a great experience that can help them in all of their activities.” said Dobson. The camp concluded with a 1K and 2K race for elementary and middle school runners respectively. The top 5 boys and girls from each are listed below.


IMG_0968Elementary Girls                                               Elementary Boys

  1. Brooke Stobel – 4:08 (#3 All-Time)        1. Alex Bucher – 3:56 (#1 All-Time)
  2. Gwen Moronell – 4:32                               2. Jackson Dobson – 4:17 (#10 All-Time)
  3. Eloise Bennett – 4:38                                3. Eric Bucher – 4:27
  4. Emma Gamke – 4:39                                 4. Toren Wilkens – 4:32
  5. Lauren Oosterbaan – 4:43                        5. James Erwin & Alex Smith – 4:36


Middle School Girls                                          Middle School Boys

  1. Kerri Walsh – 7:59 (#3 All-Time)           1. Braydon Kime – 7:46 (#4 All-Time)
  2. Dalia Einstein – 8:24                                 2. Jeremy Davidson – 7:52 (#5 All-Time)
  3. Camden Kime – 8:10                                 3. Emma Bucher – 9:00
  4. Layla Emmert – 9:24                                 4. Kyle Brooks – 8:43
  5. Hannah Mangen – 9:26                            5. Ryan Flannigan – 8:45

The camp is tentatively scheduled to begin next summer on Monday, July 25, 2016.