The 2015 Varsity Retreat is almost here and this year we have decided to invite our returning seniors for the day on Wednesday, June 24th.   This will be a wonderful way to kick off the start of the season and get all of the leaders on the team together to play how this team plans to #RollOn in 2015.   More details for all returning runners, captains, and returning seniors can be found HERE.

The varsity retreat began in 2010 by Coach Dobson as a way to reconnect with his team and establish a common starting point for the season.   At the time, Coach Dobson was coaching track at Oakwood HS in the spring and the continuity of the running program was not established.   The opportunity to meet as a returning varsity runners with the coaching staff in early June created a purposeful early start to the season and provided the opportunity to set season long goals.   Creating those goals 8-10 weeks earlier than the start of the season allowed the goals the time needed to make those goals a reality.   In 2010 and 2011 the retreat was held at Lake Loramie State Park near Minster, OH.   However, in 2012 the retreat moved to a lake house on Lake Choctaw near London, OH.

Also in 2012 the coaching staff invited the captains to attend the retreat for the first time.   This move was made to help shape the vision of the varsity and coaches to the entire team. It established a needed connection between the team and helped everyone understand the new idea of ONE TEAM…ONE GOAL.

In an effort to continue to reflect and refocus the retreat, the coaching staff has decided to invite all returning seniors to attend the retreat for a day.   The day will continue to look the way it has in the past with time for FUN and time for WORK.   Coach Dobson plans a curriculum each year that focuses the team for the upcoming season.   All together, the group will do some unique training that should help weave this team tightly together.   This decision was recently made and understand that there will be conflicts because of this last minute planning.   However, it is something that can will be so valuable that having as many people attend as possible is our hope and waiting until the 2016 retreat seemed too complacent.

There are several things that need to be done to help make this invitation work smoothly.   The team is unable to help provide transportation to the seniors attending this year. Seniors please work together to find appropriate transportation to and from the retreat.   The trip to the lake from Centerville takes about 1 hour.   I am asking all returning seniors attending to arrive at 10:45 AM.   Everyone at the retreat will be provided lunch and dinner.   Transportation home is the responsibility of each senior.   Seniors will be asked to depart for their trip back to Centerville at 9:30 PM.

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