Another exciting weekend for Centerville Girls Cross Country as they surged down the road to State, showing just what kind of grit they have by squeezing out a first place finish at the Southwest Regional Championship Meet in Troy, OH.  The conditions were harsh–unseasonably hot and much windier than expected–making the winding run along the levee exhausting and causing many runners in the field to literally collapse across the finish line, with nothing left to give.  But our Centerville runners looked strong and determined, running their race as a unified team and finishing with an air of confidence much needed at this point in the season.

As has been the case all season, the talented team from Troy gave the Elks a fiercely competitive race, and once all runners had crossed the finish line, the point totals for the top 5 scoring runners for both Centerville and Troy were tied, which means it all came down to the 6th runner for a tie-break.   Congratulations to Drea Scofield who had the biggest moment of her season, smashing the tie by 24 points as Centerville’s 6th runner and giving Centerville the coveted title of Regional Champs.  Finishing times for our CGXC runners were as follows:

Grace Kilroy, 18:43 (5th)
Kelli Walsh, 19:08 (13th)
Savannah Lowe, 19:30 (19th)
Rachel Whitehead, 19:38 (23rd)
Kerri Walsh, 19:44 (25th)
Drea Scofield, 20:10 (36th)
Sophie Hippenmeyer, 20:20 (44th)

 So the Centerville Girls Cross Country team advances with huge smiles to the State Championship Meet this coming Saturday, Nov. 5 at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, OH, just outside of Columbus. If you haven’t been to a cross country race this season, this race is THE race to see!  Come cheer on your Lady Elks as they compete for a third straight State Championship title! #EPND #hungry4more    

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