Each week members of the team nominate fellow teammates to be honored as the Runner of the Week. From the nominations the coaches select a Varsity Runner, a Returning Runner, and a First Year Runner. The winners receive not only respect and admiration from their teammates but also a small gift from the team.


Congratulations to the 2017 Runners of the Week!

Week 1 – Finish Timing Invitational
Varsity – Megan Kafka
Returning – Leah Vanbysterveldt
First Year – Brenna Lankford

Week 2 – Hot Summer Bash
Varsity – Kerri Walsh
Returning – Emma O’Brien and Lillian Friesinger
First Year – Priya Verma

Week 3 – Mason Invitational
Varsity – Maddie Little
Returning – Sophie Hippenmeyer
First Year – Muriel von Schagan

Week 4 – Trinity-Valkyrie Invitational
Varsity – Sydney Khosla
Returning – Madison Earnst
First Year – Anna Loar

Week 5 – Saturday Night Lights
Varsity – Hannah Mangen
Returning – Maddie Shooter
First Year – Breanna Caron

Week 6 – Fairmont Inv./Paul Short
Varsity – Nikki Jindal
Returning – Sara Quinlin
First Year – Paige Benson

Week 8 – GWOC Championships
Varsity – Rachel Whitehead
Returning – Hannah Rimstidt
First Year – Lillian Gibbons

Week 9 – District Championships
Varsity – Dalia Einstein
Returning – Emily Horwath
First Year – Sam Brandt

Week 10 – Regional Championships
Varsity – Grace Kilroy
Returning – Megan Knauer
First Year – Kira Markowski

Week 11 – State Championship
Varsity – Emma Bucher

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